grown ups are like that....

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Last night I had a small party to celebrate the release of my husband's new book, The Public Universal Friend.  The event was fun, and so many good, kind friends and colleagues came out to support us. But this post isn't about the party or the book, really. It is about my two dearest friends, Kelly and Nadine.

To say they helped with the party is an understatement. As soon as the event was announced they agreed to come, no questions asked. And then they ever so gently pushed..."How can we help?What can we bring? How early should we arrive to set up?" But I pushed back..."No, I want to do this all on my own."

They patiently waited until I came to my senses. They read my stressed out emails and helped review my menu choices. And they were right there when I buckled and said, "Help."

So Kelly shuffled off her children to grandma's house. Nadine told her significant other that the party he was having the same night would have to wait. They brought their own linens and decorations and showed up ridiculously early to help make this event absolutely perfect. Nadine whisked my kids away, so we wouldn't have to tend to them or worry. Kelly and her husband stayed until the very end to help clean and lock up.

Thank you both, I love you. Your support amidst my crazy-making is appreciated more than you will ever know.