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Thursday, November 27, 2008

3 handbags: a study

One: Made of a smooth satin, this purse is a fuchsia and forest green with embroidered orange flowers and a delicate butterfly. It's funky and different and stands out without being garish or overly flashy.

Hipster women with stylish vintage clothing and tinkly, long earrings often stop and ask where I got it.

"Chinatown, San Francisco, $8."

It use it on nights out with my husband or the girls, or to book readings and cocktail parties.

Basically, I use it about once a month. If that.

Two: The receipt for this olive green, canvas purse read: "hobo bag, sale, $5." It has a long shoulder strap, four big zipper pockets, and several leather buckles.

When my son was younger I kept it stocked with diapers, wipes, baby Tylenol, cheerios. It was a sort of mini diaper bag that could take a beating. I still use it now for outings to the park, the store, play dates.

A cross between frumpy and functional, it is easy to hide behind.

My mom purse.

Three: The tag for this one says Kate Spade, but it's a fake. Tall, with short leather straps, it has pink, black, and white stripes.

This one is cute and perky and sweet, with a single little leather bow on one side.

Flirty, some might say.

But often it just feels silly, like I'm carrying a big, ridiculous, pink candy cane. Sometimes, after I fill it with my wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc., I find myself dumping everything back into the handy hobo bag.

I'm just "Mom" again.


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