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Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 days of christmas music

I love Christmas songs. LOVE. THEM. I love them a little too much for my husband's taste. But, I tell him, singing along to "White Christmas" at full volume is part of my charm!

Anyway....I thought that I would share some of my favorite Christmas songs with you through the magic of You Tube. I'll spare you the sing along.

White Christmas is the best Christmas song ever. Do not argue with me, because you will never convince me other wise.

Now this is a classic, of course. Care for a chestnut?

Another classic by Judy Garland. I am cracking up right now because yesterday my mother lipped synced this song on Skype to my son. HAHAHA!! Trust me it was funny. Yeah, you had to be there.

This song reminds me of a friend in college who made me soup and bread and copied The Charlie Brown Christmas music to a cassette for me, which I have since lost. I hope she is well now and is still making warming, yummy soup for her friends.

This one gets me right in the heart. Ever since I moved East, away from my friends and family, I can't hear this song without bursting into tears. Oh no, here come the waterworks...

Now the King will croon...

I used to listen to this song as a kid and dream about life in The Big City.

I remember listening to this song on my tiny clock radio while wrapping Christmas presents for my grade school friends. I don't remember what the gifts were, but I can guess that they may have been florescent socks or big plastic earrings. I was probably wearing stirrup pants.

This one is for my son who when asked what the most common winter holidays are said, "Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, and Feliz Navidad."

This one is all about nostalgia for me. I remember learning this song at school when I was very, very young maybe 1st or 2nd grade. I hear it now and instantly feel like a small girl eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival.

This one is for my daughter who thinks this is the greatest Christmas song EVER.

Another one that reminds my of being a little girl....When I was young my parents had lots of Christmas albums, but the album I enjoyed the most was the Perry Como one. I loved to sit by the tree with his record on softly in the background.

So there you have it--12 songs for the 12 days of Christmas. Have a joyous holiday my friends!


Jennifer Hooper-Barnett said...

I have to agree with Bridgett, I love Rocking around the Christmas Tree!. But Caitlyn prefers the Hanna Montana version of the song.

Emily said...

You love the classics!

I have discovered Rosie Thomas' Christmas cd this year and can't get enough. And also, Winter Song by Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson.

InTheFastLane said...

Love it!! I Love Christmas music too. I have already used up my free 40 min/month on Pandora and paid 99cents for the rest of the month :)
My favorites are the classics. I have a Frank Sinatra Station, that plays a lot of the similar classic Christmas songs.

Beck said...

My favorite Christmas songs vary all the time, but I LOVE Christmas music. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Rosa Davila said...

This is the best after Christmas ever!
I forgot what an Elvis and Nat fan I am.
Thank you Christine you Have made my evening.