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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I recently spoke to a dear friend about the spring birth of her first child, a sweet little boy with ginger locks and a winning smile.

When I first heard the good news I was beyond excited. This friend had been a pivotal figure in my life during my pregnancy, delivery, homecoming, and the first two months after the birth.

On the day my daughter was born she came to the hospital and patiently waited in the maternity room hallway until I delivered. She took the very first, beautiful pictures of my baby girl with her father. She sat with me after the c-section, along with a couple of other friends, while I waited for the nurses to reunite me with my daughter who was in the nursery with her father. She was also among the several people who came back the very next day bearing smiles, flowers, and gifts.

Later, when I returned home, she helped my husband prepare the house for my return. She knew that my mother, who I missed so dearly and needed so much, was not due to arrive for a few more days. She lent us a much needed hand on that first nervous day back at the house.

So when I heard that she delivered a healthy son in May I felt not only joy but also a sweet nostalgic pang for that day, ten years ago, when she witnessed my transformation into motherhood.

Good luck to you, my dear friend. Kiss your sweet boy and tell him it's from his Auntie Christine.


flutter said...

ohhhh this is so sweet

Anne said...

This is very sweet and heartfelt.

Rita Huffer said...

Aww, I'm choked up.

slouchy said...

That is just so sweet.