grown ups are like that....

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm hunkering down.

I hide in the house and avoid the phone. I shuffle the kids into the car and drive somewhere far for the day in order to avoid any familiar faces. I walk around the village but only along quiet paths or at odd hours, so that I won't be disturbed by small talk.

I don't want to see anyone.

I live in a small town and have many friends, and soon others will notice this avoidance and wonder.

I don't have any good reason for my behavior. I'm not depressed. In fact, I feel very peaceful and content in a way I haven't ever felt before. I'm a very social person by nature, and I usually need to be surrounded by people to feel uplifted, whole, and complete. But lately I need my space and my solitude.

No storm is coming, but there is a scent on the wind that tells me to stay in, keep my loved ones close, and be silent.

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment. ~William Penn


Bon said...

i get that. we too just got home from a trip, and i am taking pleasure just in the being here.

in many ways, i do most of my socializing here, online. my life is full and busy. i have good people in the flesh around me, but only so much of me.

and in those moments where i feel that our little life is sufficient unto itself, i feel content and good.

Aliki2006 said...

I have many times like that--you're not alone! I need the solitude and space, often.

carrie said...

I feel that way often. Your words and the picture accompanying them were so peaceful!

slouchy said...

As long as you're not sad, why not?

I love quiet.

flutter said...

I love you.

Anna said...

mmmmm nice.... I love me a good stay at home kind of day. No need for explanations or anything, just cuz.