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Monday, January 2, 2012

Big Things

This post was going to be about my New Year's resolutions, but then I remembered that in 2010 a psychic told me that 2011 would be "My Year." She said that "Big Things" were coming my way, and that I would have a stellar twelve months to look forward to. So instead of talking about what I plan to do in the year to come, I want to look back at 2011. . .
I visited my amazing mother, who I miss so very much, in Idaho.

I saw my adored sister and sweet and treasured childhood friend in Missouri.

I saw my beautiful cousin marry the love of her life in Colorado.

I stood at the edge of the ocean in Prince Edward Island and climbed mountains in Vermont.

I saw Broadway shows and ate New York cheesecake at midnight in Times Square with two of the most wonderful and dear women I know.

I met new friends, grew closer to old ones, and dreamed of those who have passed on.

I laughed at birthday celebrations and wept at funerals and held the hands of those working through grief and pain.

I lost my last grandparent, my cherished and beloved grandmother.

I became an aunt again (A niece!).

I gathered with my soul sisters to share our dreams and turn the wheel of the year together.

I celebrated ten years of motherhood and cried thinking about how fast it all went.

I had some of my work published in a new book as well as in a couple of my favorite literary journals.

I mended a rift with an old, dear friend, and sent quiet blessings and love to those no longer in my life.

I had food on my table in abundance and clothes on my back.

I had a warm house to share with my brilliant and handsome husband of fourteen years and the family we created together.

Big Things? No, but I'd say that overall 2011 was filled with love, good fortune, and, most of all, good people.

My wish for you this new year. . .
I wish you an abundance of love, a surplus of happiness, and a bounty of peace. May the Spirit (however it is shown to you) shine on you and in you and bring you a thousand blessings.

May 2012 bring you Peace, Love, Light, and Joy.


Sarah said...

That IS a wonderful year! So glad for you.

Julie Pippert said...

IMHO, any one of those would be BIG! So much of experience -- the love, joy kind -- and accomplishment. May 2012 be just as good if not better!

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, beautiful post, beautiful year.

Here's to 2012--even bigger!

Anne Panning said...

So beautifully put. You made me reflect on a lot in my own life. Thank you, my friend.

Sarahsworld said...

Sounds like it was a pretty good year for you! I feel like I just coasted through this past year. I'm determined to make 2012 a memorable a good way.

Carrie Archer said...

What a beautiful reflection. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. Here's to an even "Bigger" 2012!

nad said...

Beautifully written reflection! However you for forgot to add that the cheesecake in Times Square involved pajamas!
Thanks for making this a BIG year for me as well! Love you!