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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fiction: Name Contest

 I had several people suggest names for a hard boiled Brockport detective.  I can't decide on just one winner, so I'm going to put it to a vote. Vote in a comment here or on the link on facebook or twitter by Monday August 20th.  The winner gets a little Brockport, NY memorabilia.

Here's the list:

Daniel John Walker
Nick Stone
Mitch Denson
Jud Harrison
Chet Marony
Dirk Wolcott
Silas James
Rodney (Rod) Beach
James Styles
Silas Dupree
Clarkson Manning


Momma said...

Silas James

Anonymous said...

James Styles, it's different, but the kind of name that could blend into the background.

Sara Kuhn said...

Silas James...that's my nephew:)

Sarah said...

i'll stand by nick stone. ;)