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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hey there, honey...

My friend Christina gave me some unfiltered beeswax and some honeycomb from her beehive.
 I stuffed the whole mess into an old stocking and added the stocking to the top of a double boiler. I learned this method on THIS website.
 I made sure to have a clean drink carton on hand.  I cut off the top.

I turned the heat to medium and watched as the clear wax seep through the hose. When it appeared all the wax was rendered, I discarded the hose full of dirt, bee bodies, bee bread, and pollen.

 I added a second pair of hose over my juice carton and poured my clear, hot wax through it.

 After the filtered wax cooled all that was left was wax and a little bit of brown watery stuff.

 The dark watery stuff was a little sweet, but wasn't pure honey.  I discarded it as well.
 And now I have some lovely wax to make candles!!!

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